Slack: Company chatroom and watercooler. Make sure you install this on your phone and setup the alert levels to the appropriate levels.

Google Drive: Most spreadsheets, word docs, and presentations are created using Google Docs because its very easy to share and collaborate with others on the team.

Asana: Project management tool the development team uses to fix bugs, build features, and work on other chores.

We Are For Good: Open-source learning platform used by many non-profits for education programs.

GitHub: Code versioning and collaboration tool the dev team uses to work on our web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, and content.

Dropbox: File sharing service that works over the LAN and the web.

Mailchimp: Email marketing platform to manage mailing lists and automate email campaigns.

QuickBooks Nonprofit: Accounting software with features specific to non-profit financial management.

Eventbrite: A platform for creating and managing event tickets and registration. Workspace: A government resource for finding and applying for federal grants.

LegalZoom: Provides access to various legal forms and resources.

Harbor Compliance:Helps with non-profit formation, compliance, and filing.

SAS for Nonprofits: Offers analytics to help non-profits measure and report on their impact.

LastPass: Password management tool to maintain strong and secure passwords.

Bloomerang: A donor management system focused on donor retention and engagement.